Just found this buried deep in my phone. Sound check from our last tour. Jordan on the hand puppet, Katie on the clueless.

I’ve been preparing for this for a loooong time!

Velocity in MIDI. Behind the scenes of a behind the scenes keyboard part.

Me and Cason. Not sure who that guy in the middle is.

With each thing I create I realize that it is the process of whittling something from being anything to being one thing. Art is choosing what to frame. Choosing how to frame it… And letting go of everything else it could have been.

Tix on sale now! Xo

And this. zzzzz

What finishing an album really looks like. @casoncooley

Final days mixing at Blackbird Studios. I’m pretty skilled at the volume knob.

Mixing day 3. Indoor sports. To help break up the hours of sitting.